My name is Simeon van den Ende and I'm currently working on a graphic novel called Bark against existential dread.

The novel is about a doggy named Bark who is in conflict with Life. They used to be friends, but now they've become mortal enemies because Bark is not happy with how Life has become. The entire town joins Bark in the fight and it escalates from there.
BARK saga the bowels city map
The genres of this graphic novel are philosophical, humor and fantasy. It is filled to the brim with dark humor, witty paradoxes and cynicism all around, in short: existentialism galore. To add to the melancholic atmosphere, the pages are dark blue.

Interested in (becoming part of) the story, my art and keeping this project alive? emBARK on this journey by supporting me on Patreon, buying some merch here or following me for free on Instagram.